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My husband and I can be found at Papan's Landing Senior Center 3 to 4 times per week.

The first time I walked in the door I thought they just served lunch.

But we learned quickly that they just don't serve lunch. They have activities plus they provide services for seniors.

We were so happy to find out that they have transportation services that will pick us up and bring us into the center plus take us home, take us shopping, to doctor appointments, and other trips for recreation.

Some seniors are hard of hearing and blind, what a blessing it is to us to have someone who cares and provides help when we need it.

You may think we should ask our children to help us out more, but they are all working and take off when need to but if they took off alot they could loose thier jobs. So it is even a blessing to our family.

By coming to the center we have found many friends we grew up with or worked with.

We feel we are lucky to have a place to go and have fun with others our same age. We meet and tell stories, play games and have a great time.

And it is so nice to be welcome and loved.

Virgil and Lois Sewell



I would like to thank the staff at Pappan's Landing.  I moved my dad from Pratt to North Topeka shortly after my mother passed away earlier this year.  My dad suddenly found himself dealing with the loss of his wife, his home and hometown of more than 50 years.  In Pratt he had an amazing amount of support but no family.  The tough decision to make the move quickly became a reality when he sold his house in less than 2 days.


Dad is still independent but he has always been very social.  We first visited the center to inquire about services and events that he could attend.  He immediately felt at home with the staff.  We were given the Meals on Wheels schedule as well as the schedule for activities.  Dad began going to Pappan's Landing for meals on the days he liked the menu.  He is always coming home with something 'the ladies' have given him.  I believe it makes him feel a lot more like 'he is home'.  He also enjoys the music provided at the center.  Dad has also used the Pappan's Landing Senior Center to attend the Foot Clinic.  The Foot Clinics at the center makes it possible for him to take himself to his appointments.


I have been most impressed with Debbie.  Debbie checks on dad if he doesn't  come by for a few days.  She treats him like she's known him forever.  I cannot express how much stress this takes off of me.  I am sure as the days get shorter and colder that dad will rely on the Center more and more when he can't be out working in his yard.  I never hesitate to tell others about Pappan's Landing and all the services and events that are offered.  I would strongly recommend Pappan's Landing Senior Center as a place where my father and other seniors can find friends, comfort and smiles.


G Denise Phipps

Daughter of Walter Dreher





May 6, 2014

When i sometimes get stressed out, depressed or full of anxiety - my biggest therapy is heading on over to Papan's Landing Community Center.

I hope this center will be here for us senior citizens for many more years to come.

It is like I turn into another person when I walk into Papan's. 

It is like we are one big happy family , where you find much christian love and support for each other and caring.

Gold bless them, members and staff.

L. Cagle