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PLSC Wish list

PLSC Wish List

The items listed below are thing that will assist us in continuing to provide services and activities for our seniors.

1. Volunteers that can help assist with activities and office duties.

2. Games

3. New computers, computers for the seniors are needed.

4. Craft items for seniors to work on and have fun doing crafts

these items can be paints, makers, scissors, rulers, buttons, canvas, beads, floral wire, floral tape, storage totes  these are just a few items but you get the idea. Storage totes.

5. update tv and dvd player, stereo or cd player, cds, movies

6. We are in need of office furniture, ( office chairs, desks ) .

We will be deleting items as we receive them and adding to list as needed for more info contact the center. 

Thank you for your help!